1. Bartering. 

Not long after the SHTF, alcohol will become a luxury item. Someone got something you want? What better to trade with at time of hardship than some Happy Juice?

2. Soothe a Fever

Feeling under the weather? Body heating up? Soaking a clothe is vodka and rubbing it on your chest and forehead will help to bring down your soaring temperature. 

3. Blisters

When the SHTF, the best mode of travel is going to be our own two feet. Walking for long periods of time can easily cause blisters on your poor little feeties. Vodka can act as an anesthetic to disinfect the area.

4. Starting Fires

If you’re really struggling to get a fire going, Vodka can be used as a quick fire starting liquid in a pinch. 

5. Tooth Pain

When the SHTF, Dentists are going to be a pretty rare commodity. Holding some Vodka over the poorly tooth and allowing the gums to adsorb the alcohol will numb the pain. 

6. Bug Repellent. 

Rubbing Vodka on your skin will help to repel wasps and other little nasties. Also, as alcohol goes, Vodka is pretty odorless.

If all else fails….You can always use your supplies to drink yourself happy and enjoy the end of the fucking world. 

Be Safe. 

Prepping Princess <3

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